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16 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6NT
23 Bewertungen
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  • Von Cosmin U aus London
    26. Oktober 2018

    Very nice place and nice people, the food is excellent.

  • Von Carolina M aus London
    16. Juni 2018

    Great service, friendly staff, amazing pizza at a reasonable price.

  • Von Emanuele B aus London
    2. März 2018

    Great service, delicious pizza! Every five pizza one is free: great feature!

  • Von Justine B aus London
    27. Januar 2018

    I'm a big big fan of Italian restaurants so it's difficult to surprise me but I have to say this one is one of my favourite in London ! Pizzas are really amazing and staff is lovely ! Will definitely go back soon !

  • Von Kat C aus London
    9. September 2017

    Good vibe, great wine and pizza, will happily return!

  • Von Sauro S aus Zürich
    22. Juni 2017

    Incredibly good, better than any other previous time, I think the sourdough is profiting of the warm weather! :)

  • Von Virginia P aus London
    14. Juni 2017

    I absolutely LOVED the pizza at Radio Alice. Really unique in its own wonderful way. Pillowy, chargrilled, just chewy enough, and speckled with semolina crunchiness. The tomatoes are to die for, and each individual topping felt like it had been treated separately and lovingly. Not your usual "throw it all in an stick in the oven". The aubergine pieces on my pizza were intensely tasty yet delicate, the cheese is in just the right amount, the oil can be drizzled separately. I also love how you can't change the pizzas on the menu, so if you want a variation to the balance they've clearly worked so hard to achieve, you can put that together away from the chef's sensitive eyes by order additional toppings as "sides". I love anyone who takes their pizza this seriously. A genuinely special place. I'm Italian, and have rarely had pizza this well prepared and thought out anywhere in Italy. Really awesome. Only note - such loud music!! Distracts from both conversation, and the delicious pizza. Pizza that good needs a calmer, quieter environment to be savoured.

  • Von George E aus London
    14. Juni 2017

    The Flior di late pizza with walnuts, Gorgonzola and honey is amazing. The choice of beers was impressive, and the food came out within 10 minutes. Perfect experience, 5 stars.

  • Von Gina P aus London
    10. Juni 2017

    Fabulous pizza - best in town. We had the Prosciutto dI Parma with flordilatte, burratta and oil-infused oil and the Beetroot puree, with sauted leeks and black olives, with bottle of Brut & the Beast. Love the feeling of provenance... organic ingredients from small, Italian producers and that they know where all the produce comes from. And the music. Genuine Italian.

  • Von Stephanie L L aus London
    1. Juni 2017

    Nice atmosphere, average food.